We have a room that enables you to chat freely locally or to the otherside of the world if you wish all you need to do is go into search after hitting the wires x button and type in my callsign 2E0CUB. You or your friend will be routed to our room where you can chat freely all over the world, This is a great option if you do not want your converstaion going through many repeaters as it does sometimes when connected to hubnet, CQ-UK etc. MB6DH will default back to this room after 2 hours. You dont need to disconnect 

2E0CUB room can be accessed  via MB6DH and if one of our users has changed rooms please feel free to change back using search and direct on your wires-x enabled radio we would like to encourage lots of local users that have access to us and other local gateways that choose to use the room. Please remember though our time, effort and money go into these projects to provide local people with wires x access so if somebody is in a QSO please join in or wait for them to finish to change rooms. Thank you and enjoy!


😎Copyright 2e0cub and M6JYJ any unprofessional manner on either will result your radio Id will be blocked for 7 days as we have users of all ages Male and female.