Our Frequency is VHF 144.8125 Access via your Wires X enabled radio 


MB6DH Gateway

MB6DH Is a wires x gateway serving the huntingdon and St Ives areas. At the moment we are not fully running to our full prospected coverage, At present this is to fill in areas that other repeaters can not cover, After testing we will try to cover as much of the A14 from Huntingdon to Cambridge as possible as gb7pt covers the Cambridge and surrounding area easily. Please feel free to change to CQUK and other local nodes, mb6dh will spend most of its time on our new room which is internet connected but for local or distant rag chews. Its called 2e0cub-gateway and can be found via search and direct on your radio!

I have now purchased a wind up tennamast, When I get chance and finally get the tower up coverage will improve but due to other commitments we are running with the antenna under spec and height offering only very local coverage. Summer 2020 it will be all systems go with several changes new coax antenna overhaul etc. Please keep checking back here for further updates.

Sorry for any stations which cannot access it will be rectified. If you have issues connecting email me on 2e0cub@mb6dh.co.uk or m6jyj@mb6dh.co.uk and we will be happy to help you transition into digital. We are always happy to help and advice with connecting to MB6DH.

If your enjoying using my gateway  please show some loyalty and support  me via PayPal  on my link which is www.paypal.me/idreammodzuk any donation be appreciated  Thankyou



MB6DH transmit antenna.

This is the antenna we use it's been specially designed for high wind resistance up to 100mph. This is adequate as living on a hill 150ft above sea a normal cheap flexi dipole wouldn't do the job it would be torn apart within a week lol. The antenna is still unity gain 0 dBd but just made to last and to order. If anybody is interested in any made to order antennas please do let us no and we can connect you up.

The slave radio is just a simple ftm-100 using the HRI-200 Hardware running on a Dell Vostro 400 desktop. I did find a wired connection sorted a lot of compatibility  issues out but that was impossible as I run the gateway from my shack and wired is out of the question in there really. My advice would be win10 running wired and port forwarding or running windows 7 wirelessly and that works fine for me providing you have a strong internet connection. (update since the 1903 update Win 10 wireless is running fine now) Also run with a sensible bandwidth too as i find fusion to be data hungry. Edit thanks to Ceecom antennas we are now using one of his highly respected antennas and can confirm the quality and performance is so much better now. Please look up Ceecom you wont be dissapointed!

In the map shows MB6DH location 

All you need is a wires x rig

Just buy yourself a wires X enabled radio and you can connect, There are several cheap options on the market and most good sellers have them ready for delivery


Copyright 2E0CUB including my wife M6JYJ and MB6DH 2020

Thanks to 2E0JDK for some advice, config and radio/repeater debugging

Also thanks to everybody who helped and advised me on my radio journey I'm always happy to help and/or listen.